We put customers in touch with your brand.

Since 1999, we’ve been sourcing and creating merchandise solutions that extend your brand, create authentic connections and drive sales.

A creative
merchandise agency

We have a simple and powerful mission here at Catalyst: to create a positive impact on employees, clients and vendors by exceeding expectations, striving for excellence in everything we do and being the best part of someone’s day, every day. We start with this mission, and the rest falls into place.

We’re in the business of brand engagement. Since 1999, we’ve been sourcing and creating merchandise solutions that extend your brand, create authentic connections and drive sales — literally putting customers in touch with your brand. We’re not creating just any product; we’re creating unique, one-of-a-kind merchandise and packaging solutions that help elevate your presence and provide that wow, I have to have that factor.



How do we do this effectively? We start by hiring the right people. All our employees are hard-working, high-energy, creative people striving to provide the absolute best solutions for our clients day in and day out.
We use insightful strategy, inspired design and exceptional execution to deliver merchandise solutions that are innovative, thoughtful and effective. The energy and creativity we put into our work carries through to your audience — and when the final product is in their hands, they’re going to know you “get” them.

If you haven’t worked with us, give us a try. You won’t find a more passionate, talented or creative team in the business.

Tom Havens
Founder and President

Meet our People.

Labrador Retriever, Party dog
Bennett Labrador Retriever, Party dog

Energy! Fun! Fetch! I’m so happy to be in the office every day. Maybe we can go swimming or play in that big old mud pit later? Doesn’t that sound fun?

Office Corgi
Burton Office Corgi

I love finding tiny things to chew on around the office, like bobby pins and thumb drives. Seattle rain? Love it. Let’s go walkies! What do you mean I’m not a 70-pound golden retriever? Are you sure?

General Manager (Asia)
Jacky Fong General Manager (Asia)

I graduated from the University of Hong Kong almost 20 years ago, and worked my way up to the General Manager in Asia at Catalyst. I’ve lived in China for that entire time, and 12 years ago I married a beautiful Chinese girl. We now have two kids, and I’m grateful for my job, my wife and my family.

Gary Cat

I have six toes on my front paws making me polydactyl. Literati consider this exotic because Ernest Hemingway had 40+ polydactyl cats at his complex. Veterinarians will just tell you that this is caused by severe inbreeding and not all that exotic.

The Boss *or* Trouble-Maker
Grayson The Boss *or* Trouble-Maker

I can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Don’t mind me on top of your desk.

Art Director
Shane Hartley Art Director

If you lose me in a store, just go to the toy aisle.  My favorite color is yellow and my favorite food is ice cream. Tony Horton is my idol. My favorite comic book hero is Superman. I collect PEZ and speak Spanish. I have four children and a dog.

Tom Havens President

I love the Sounders, Montana and my bike … all for mental health reasons. My wife of 25 years is my best friend. Santa Clara is an awesome school even though I can’t convince my kids to go there. The 3 best things that happened to me are my three kids. The 4th is Catalyst. My latest favorite quote: “I’m trying to be awesome today but I’m exhausted from being so freakin’ awesome yesterday.”

Graphic Designer
Jo Jarvis Graphic Designer

I listen to Christmas music year round and I have never seen a musical I didn’t like. I’m fascinated by dinosaurs and love anything involving unicorns.

Project Manager of Playtime
Odie Project Manager of Playtime

I love people, UPS, people, food, people, and toys that provide a large flappability factor. Did I mention people?

Senior Graphic Designer
Jessie Orvidas Senior Graphic Designer

I’m a mama to a sweet little boy and a beautiful gray cat, who are my constant companions. Design is a natural interest of mine and has been since I inadvertently created a logo for my dad’s illustration business at the age of two. If I weren’t practicing graphic design, I’d likely be a sommelier or perfumer (along with being an oenophile, I have an unusually good sense of smell). I hold a degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing, which makes me feel certified in using the word “oenophile” in a short bio.

Dallas Office Service Dog
River Dallas Office Service Dog

I’ve been working at Catalyst since I was 9 weeks old. I’m a purebred Portuguese Water Dog, and I love swimming and paddle boarding! If you have a dirty sock or a stuffed animal, I’ll be happy to take it off your hands.

Cairn Terrier
Rocky Cairn Terrier

I am the world’s most mellow pup. Dog stereotypes are meant to be shattered, and I break every one. Woof.

HR & Office Manager
Cathy Sapiro HR & Office Manager

Camp Counselor, Head Referee & Bar Tender. I’m the one the team comes to when they need an ear—or a beer. I can’t get enough of the MMA, and my favorite color is shiny. Here’s a fun fact about me: I used to dream I could be an Olympic-level race walker. That dream is still alive!

Art Director
Jennifer Stone Art Director

They say that the human body is more than half water. However, I am positive that mine is actually more than half coffee. In pursuit of discovering all the wonderful things this world has to offer, I approach life one glorious cup at a time.

English Bulldog
Tallula English Bulldog

Yes, that’s me snoring. What?

Graphic Designer
Greg Vinson Graphic Designer

If I’m not busy somehow exploring the depths of my creativity, I’m somewhere exploring the great outdoors. I’m a full-time graphic designer as well as a part-time movie critic, alien theorist and dog whisperer. I love traveling and experiencing new things with great company … but who doesn’t, right?