JCPenney Black Friday Promotion
Client: JCPenney

To recognize JCPenney’s hard-working employees, Catalyst created a kickoff event gift pack — a nylon cinch bag full of fun merchandise. We sent stores “party in a box” kits to decorate break rooms, including boxes of edible treats. The treat box included a thank-you message directly from JCPenney’s CEO. Employees also received a pair of fingerless, candy cane–striped gloves — a simple, budget-conscious way for every employee to be on-theme and on-brand during Black Friday.



Foot traffic during Black Friday is important for all retailers. JCPenney created the Jingle More Bells promotion, leveraging their customers’ fascination with JCPenney’s collectible Disney snow globes. Catalyst produced the highly sought Disney snow globe, which shoppers received on a first-come, first-served basis on Black Friday: 1 million snow globes with Mickey Mouse in the center. We also produced over 1 million pillow packs wrapped with a holiday jingle bell with a dollar-off coupon inside. One in 100 packs contained a $100 coupon.