Creative, Design, Strategy

We transform your ideas, messages and objectives into effective merchandise solutions. Our in-house creative team, together with our talented project managers, infuse every project with creative thinking, strategic perspective and top-notch design. We constantly strive to make our solutions better, communicate your message with the greatest impact and drive sales results.

Custom Product Development

We staffed Catalyst with experts in industrial, product and packaging design. This gives us the ability to create custom merchandise solutions — things that have never been done before — that can elevate your brand, create engagement and deliver your message in a powerful way.

Whether it’s made of wood, metal, plastic, silicon, paper or fabric; or whether it’s printed, molded, poured, etched or die-cut — we know how and where to make it.

Creative Merchandise Sourcing

Our Creative Merchandise Manager travels the world looking for unique, one-of-a-kind merchandise, materials and decoration processes that will gain attention for your brand. You’ll find that we can show you merchandise that you’ve never seen before. Additionally, as a key member of a $450 million buying group, you can count on Catalyst to provide you the best price possible on most standard merchandise.

Project Management and Logistics

We manage a project’s entire life cycle — from development, prototyping and production to assembly, fulfillment and final delivery. Our experts have managed projects with more than 80 million pieces, projects that required 43 different kit options with over 150 SKUs, and projects that require complex factory and freight forwarder collaboration to ensure the product arrives on time and safe. In short: we take care of all the details and give you peace of mind.

We also understand that timing is important. Lanyards in three days? No problem. Printed shirts in 24 hours? Done. Quotes and ideas delivered the same day? Yep, we do it all the time. We are built to move fast without sacrificing quality.

Direct Imports

Catalyst’s importing staff has over 50 years of combined importing experience. With a local presence in China, we have strong relationships with key factory partners with whom we work directly. Catalyst maintains an office in Hong Kong, which our employees use as a home base for travel to our Chinese factories to help set proper expectations, manage prototypes and production, oversee the QA/QC process and manage logistics. With our years of experience and talented importing team, you can count on the following:

  1. Clear communication. Our importing team speaks both the local language and English, which ensures that all nuances of a project are understood and communicated to the factory correctly. As a result, communication breakdowns are avoided, first-run samples are more accurate and production runs smoothly.
  2. Exceptional quality. Our employees manage the QA/QC process from the factory floor, so we can ensure your merchandise is of the highest quality and meets or exceeds your expectations.
  3. Greatest value. The cheapest price isn’t always the best solution. With 25-plus years of working in China, we know how to navigate pricing that is too good to be true. Balancing price, quality and factory reliability takes experience and knowledge. You can rely on Catalyst to provide you the best possible product for the best price.

Social Compliance

It is extremely important that we work with factories that provide safe and healthy working conditions, abide by all social compliance laws and follow important principles of environmental stewardship. It’s not only important to us; we know it’s important to you to protect your brand and reputation.

We employ a credited third-party inspection company to audit every one of our factories to ensure they have passed and continue to pass our strict standards. We work with our factories to make sure they can meet legal requirements, and you can sleep at night knowing that your product is being produced in a safe, socially compliant, clean factory.

Product Safety

Catalyst provides stringent testing procedures to ensure that your product is safe and labeled correctly to avoid any danger to your customers. Our process of testing raw materials, production runs and the final product is the most thorough in our industry. We follow all CPSIA, FDA and EN71 testing requirements, and portions of Prop 65 testing standards.

Providing the correct labeling of products is also very important. We are labeling experts — we know what to label, what size the label should be, how big the font should be relative to the size of the product, where to place the label, and the exact words required. You can rest assured that your merchandise will be safe for your customers with the paperwork to back it up.